Weather Forecast

Our agricultural experts provide the best forecasting services to develop an excellent irrigation schedule.
It allows farmers to protect their crops against extreme weather conditions.

We will provide the right guidance to begin the irrigation process and boost yield. No more worries about crop wastage due to floods and draughts!

Our agricultural experts provide weather forecasting services to determine the optimum weather conditions for cultivation. These services help in preventing agri-produce losses and improving farming practices.

That's why Unimart is about to establish weather forecasting stations for providing accurate information on humidity, wind, rain temperature, and various other parameters.

Weather Station & Rain Gauge Installation

The weather forecasting procedures at our service stations will involve the following -

  • Village mapping and rooftop identification for the installation
  • Conducting the agreement with house or property owner and initiating weather station assembly process
  • Installing the weather station and rain gauge
  • Sending SMS alerts to farmers

Geo Tagging Process

Geo tagging is a process of identifying the latitude and longitude of a specific geographical location to implement farming practices. Our geo tagging process comprises the
following steps -

  • Visiting of farmland and making out the groundnut farm
  • Downloading the geo tagging app on the farmer's mobile device
  • Registering for SMS service for keypad handsets
  • Farmers can conduct geotagging using their mobile devices. The application will send periodic SMS alerts to farmers.

Unimart will also help you connect with institutional buyers and service providers to sell your farming produce.

Market Linkage Activities

At Unimart, we believe in playing our part to simplify the link between farmers and the commercial market. So, we have a distinct Market Linkage process to meet the dynamic demands.

We collaborate with our partners to enable market linkage with retailers, processors, aggregators, wholesalers, and exports. In addition, we facilitate connections with ginning, pressing factories, and corporate buyers.

Our activities include:

  • In-depth identification and evaluation of farmers’ produce
  • Linking this produce with international and commercial buyers
  • Bridging the gap between farmer organizations and consumers through the smooth aggregation of relevant service providers
  • Assist in negotiations and development of buyer contracts
  • Enhancing farmer entrepreneurship through profitable market links
  • Helping in the development of branding and packaging activities
  • We aim to educate and create value by enabling farm produce to reach the commercial market without the hassle. Unimart works to promote good agricultural practices that include residue-free pesticide production, leading to high-quality food output.

    As a result, you become a vital part of market linkage activities to sell farm produce at good rates.