Seed Treatment

We offer machine-based seed treatment that impacts yield and enhances growth. It promotes uniform germination and improves crop immunity.

Our services will enable farmers to generate better revenue and refine their practices. With our services, farmers can protect germinating seeds from pathogens


Our high-quality treatment services provide maximum protection against seed-borne pathogens and insects. We aim to preserve your crops and keep them healthy.

Unimart also provides crop protection products that you can apply to improve crop growth and seed fertility.

General Seed Treatment Procedure

It’s important to wear hand gloves before using seed treatment products. For the preparation of slurry, farmers must take water in a mug. The amount will vary from one crop to another. The general seed treatment procedures we recommend and practice include

The seeds will be ready for sowing after completing these steps. You can sow them within 60 days of seed treatment by storing them in a jute bag.

Take the right amount of seeds and spread on a plastic sheet
Measure the recommended quantity of seed treatment solutions to treat the seeds
Pour the solution and spread the solution over seeds evenly
Dry the seed in a shaded area to maintain uniform coating and moisture

Seed Protection

We offer the best-in-class solutions to protect young seedlings and seeds from soil contamination. This preventive measure helps avoid seed decay before germination.
Unimart emphasizes the protection of young seedlings from insects and seed-borne attacks. Our experts also develop solutions to safeguard the seeds from organisms that cause soil-borne diseases.
In addition to the pre-germination care, we also provide protection against sucking pests for the crucial ten-day period after germination. As a result, farmers have a high assurance against common seed diseases.

Seed Nutrition

Seed nutrition is vital to enable healthy growth and attain a high yield. At Unimart, we understand the significance of proper nourishment and provide relevant services. Our seed nutrition service promotes and ensures the following facts:

Uniform seed growth
Maximum germination of seeds
Establishing healthy and sustainable crops
Positive impact on the crop yield
Abundant vegetation and roots on the farm
You can notice the difference in the condition of the seedlings and crop yield with the seed nutrition service.