Our Core Work Area

We primarily work in the following verticals - agricultural consultation, training, and farming products.



We equip farmers with the knowledge and expertise required to maximize their farming output. Our agricultural consultation services aim to understand a farmer’s problems and provide appropriate solutions.

Our team is experienced enough to handle various agricultural issues of experienced and new farmers. The agricultural experts at Unimart consult farmers on issues like irrigation practices, pesticide spraying, crop protection, and harvesting.

Unimart also conducts joint activities with agricultural and government bodies to develop farmers.
We conduct individual farmer consultation sessions
Weekly farmer meetings
Monthly farmer meeting and field days meeting


Providing adequate agricultural training to all farmers is one of our key activities. Our crop advisory centers offer relevant assistance and training programs for farmers. We offer classroom and on-field training on sales, crop solutions, and administrative processes.

No matter the skill level of farmers, our high-quality training sessions will suit everyone.
We aim to provide farmers with comprehensive training to revamp their agricultural strategies and improve yield.
We arrange Kissan Pathshala, which is a workshop of 2-3 days on harvesting solutions in crop production
Our experts train farmers to utilize new farming technologies and boost production


Our primary agro-products include UPL, Swal, and Advanta. Unimart's offerings include mechanized spraying, soil testing, water testing, weather forecasting, fungicides, herbicides, and PGR.

We also provide multiple value-added services, marketing support, agronomic advisory, demand generation, and AFS services.